Build a strong pipeline of the best technically-curated blockchain projects from all over the world, come at EthCC as an EthVC


WHY are we launching a VC track during EthCC ?

We aim to bridge the gap between VCs wishing to better understand the technology and discover groundbreaking projects, and blockchain projects/companies searching for funding, but with little VC network and access.

WHAT does a VC track entail?

On the 1st day of the conference, investors will have access to a workshop "Zero to Hero", a practical way to learn fast about blockchain, Ethereum and their various usages, as well as talks led by the start-ups that will be later pitching on the VC stage. On days 2 and 3, curated startups will pitch their projects in a dedicated room to our community of investors- accessible only to registered members with a VC Track Pass. The Pitch Room schedule will be shared ahead of the event, along with company details, short abstract, CEO profile, and fundraising asks. There will be both equity based and token based projects.

QUALITY: our core value

  • All presenting startups need to have at least one separate talk or workshop accepted in the EthCC program as a quality prerequisite to pitch.
  • All presenting startups will be screened and selected by our technical team, pre-validating the companies’ technology, and founders’ expertise.
  • Investors will have the opportunity, not only to see the pitch, but also to attend the technical talk / workshop (i.e. see the CEO’s pitch and attend the CTO’s workshop).
  • Investors will become part of the community and will access all related EthCC events and curated content.

BENEFITS: what we will deliver

  • Full access to the three days of conferences, including all tracks
  • A VC Track booklet with clear schedule of all startup pitches
  • Exclusive access to the Pitch Room where startups will pitch their project/company
  • Access to all pitch decks in electronic format
  • Access to the founders directory and contact details

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